S.B., Benicia, CA

Seriously, just hire this guy. Chris will work until he drops, do far more than he said he would, clean up afterward, and charge you an absolutely fair price. He is amazingly honest and trustworthy. He not only cleared out a ridiculous amount of junk when my mother’s estate sold her house, he helped my useless brother move his junk to a storage bin, then cleared out the stuff my brother left behind. He’s thorough, professional, and a straight-up Good Guy. He was flexible about scheduling, about the ever-changing scope of the job, and about payment methods (it had to go through proper channels with an estate in probate).

He also went to extraordinary efforts to recycle whatever he could, donate to organizations that could use items, and in general avoid wasting items that could be reused, repurposed, or recycled. This approach isn’t just admirable, it’s remarkable in a world where people will waste extraordinary amounts if it’s easier.

I have rarely been happier to have hired someone’s services. I want this guy’s business to thrive, because he’s exactly the kind of person you want to hire to do this kind of work.

R.B., Miami, FL

“It’s never crowded on the extra mile.”

Chris is a great guy with a great attitude. I needed someone to handle a job that most would have run from —maybe even sprinted…….many many (did I say many) decades of hoarding adding up to FOUR truckloads and a eerie recap of bad fashion, old report cards and scary old stuffed animals. Imagine climbing Mount Everest in two days….the impossible was made possible! Chris is definitely the Michelangelo of the junk world. Kudos to him…if you need things gone and done RIGHT – and cleaned up even more after… he is your man.


Life has two rules: #1 Never quit #2 Always remember rule # 1. 

peace out.

Erika P., Miami, FL

We read the good reviews here on Yelp and decided to give Recover Right a call to rid of us a rather large plywood shed/structure in our backyard. These guys were able to come out the next day and were very professional and easy to work with. They did such a great job getting everything demolished and even swept and cleaned up when they were done. We both work during the day so we weren’t able to supervise, but that wasn’t a concern for us at any point, they texted and kept us updated on the status and even sent a picture when they were done. Everything was out and clean by the time we got home and I can’t say enough good things about this company. Thank you guys so much and next time we need something cleared out we will be calling Recover Right!

Aurora N., Miami-Dade, FL

You guys….Chris is a miracle worker! Very professional, fairly priced, and quick to the job. I had a horrible mess to deal with upon returning to my house after being gone for several weeks. I had called a handful of companies yesterday that either hung up on me, told me it would take them a week to get to me, told me it was not something they handled, or wanted to charge me an absurd amount! When I found Chris on yelp he was a pleasure. Within 24 hours he was able to get it resolved. 

I promise next time I call him it won’t be for something so gross (broken fridge with rotting food….so nasty). For whatever you need hauling, I promise, he’s your guy!


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